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High side switching without bootstrap driver circuit

There is also possible to switch N-ch from isolated power-supply (like 10 to 15V) or battery. Its Gnd is connected to Source of mosfet. So this additional power source is “flying” according Source ...
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Display Board that turns

I would take a look at servos for this. They take a pulse width modulated (PWM) signal and rotate an output shaft to a specific repeatable position based on the duty cycle (ratio of on time to off ...
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Display Board that turns

If you want to use something like hobby motors it’s going to require a means of limiting the rotation. A sensor would detect when they have rotated the correct amount and shut off the motor. This ...
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Can an MN27 alkaline battery power my 12 V, 0.16 A motor?

Can a MN27 Alkaline Battery Power my 12V 0.16A Motor? No, no way this tiny set of 8 coin cells can deliver 160mA at 12V. There is a thing called "internal impedance" of a battery. For the ...
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What is the model number, manufacturer, or datasheet of the motor in my picture?

Even if you had the datasheet for the motor it's unlikely to specify the inductance and might not specify the power factor. You're going to have to guess. I'd give a guess at the likely % load and ...
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How to find out whether capacitor is the fault for failed single phase motor?

Remove one lead on the capacitor. Measure its capacitance. If its value is within the tolerance of what it is marked with the capacitor is likely good and the motor stator is damaged.
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What happens if we run 415V 3 phase motor running on full load on to a 240V 3 phase supply?

Torque is related to the voltage squared, so your starting torque and pull up torque will be decreased to about (220/415)^2 = 0.33 of the rated values. You may have trouble starting any loads in this ...
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Best choice between flyback diode or an RC snubber

voltage creates the arc circuit, current through the circuit burns away the metal, both energy factors are present when erosion occurs. a typical sized RC will possibly absorb much less energy than a ...
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Best decoupling capacitor part or series?

What you are talking about is when you use caps of different sizes. The problem is the combined ESR/ESL and capactiance of different sized caps creates antiresonance. This is usually not a problem ...
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