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This helped. Gave up on using the MCC stuff for this, other than the clicked-together basic peripheral init stuff. (Note that in the microchip official forum it was said the MCC I2C library is currently changing and not tested a lot) I basically just added a further parameter to indicate whether I want to use stop,start; or restart (aka repeated start ...


Check out this forum post. The question asker has a similar problem communicating with an I2C peripheral via MCC generated code and seems to get it solved.


Carefully check all items of chapter 2, also the very first bullet (which may cause your issue) The following is a list of pin names, which must always be connected: - All VDD and VSS pins (see 2.2 “Decoupling Capacitors”) You write you only connected pin 2 and 15. The connection to pins 16&36 you write about only count when you turned on the ...

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