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Partially nice waveform on debugger pin

The SWD is a bi-directional half-duplex communication bus, so both the host and target can take turns and send data to the other party. The sharp fast rising (or falling) edges happen when either the ...
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Damaging of SWDIO and SWDCLK pins when they are used as output/uartRX

When you are repurposing SWD pins for other funtions you have to keep a few things in mind. SWD is not 5V tolerant. Prevent bus-contention, a resistor is typically used to limit current in this ...
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SWD scan failing for STM32H747 using a BlackMagicProbev2.3

After further investigating the issue it turns out that flashing arduino bootloader for r1 giga WiFi is what enabled me to debug the board. The main reason is that the firmware that was previously ...
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Why doesn't my microphone amplifier work?

I found the solution. The reason is you need a 1G OHm resistor in parallel with the mic capsule and JFET. Also a capacitor with the resistor to form a filter at the gate of the JFET. My Gate was ...
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