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PWM on STM32F411 is not working using timer1

I have run into a similar issue very recently, with an H7, but ST likes to reuse their peripherals. Advanced timers (TIM1 and TIM8) have a built-in break option, for cases where you'd want an external ...
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What type of registers/timers do PIC MCUs use?

From a Microchip document regarding TIMER1: When the prescaler is 1:1, the external clock input is the same as the prescaler output. The synchronization of T1CKI with the internal phase clocks is ...
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What type of registers/timers do PIC MCUs use?

Below is a more detailed diagram of the Microchip 16 bit timer/counter. The counters are all up counters and almost certainly synchronous. In VLSI design there is very little point in using ...
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