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Sometimes reworking your PCB a bit allows you to place an existing part between the LED and the sensor which will block the light. It's not even unheard of to place otherwise useless cheap parts to act as walls: it may be much cheaper than special light-blocking components, especially if you already have a suitable part on your BOM, and ordering it in higher ...


mylar? The thinnest thing i know of that blocks 100% of light, developed by NASA to block heat and light with minimal addition to the weight of a craft, fuel ain't cheap. Mylar reflects light so if you do not want that then black electrical tape or something black, with a rougher surface than electrical tape, will reflect less. Charcoal finish would be ...


Make some slots in the PCB and solder a small piece of metal there. I've seen it work remarkably well in real-life applications.


My advice is to not bother doing what you're doing, and spend the $3.50US to get the part designed for the task, like


I've had luck with drilling holes in lids to microcentrifuge tubes (or other small bottles), cut pieces of copper tubing from the hardware store, or even a piece of black electrical tape in a pinch (my least favorite option). I have also made little barriers out of thin cardboard stock cut from packaging...easy to cut and form...that worked well. Hotglue, ...


A solar simulator is use to approximate the spectrum of the sun but do so with some control. The biggest reason is if you wanted to simulate cells in all sun conditions, you would have to go to the equator, where the sun is brightest at ~1000W/m^2. A solar simulator allows you to vary the power and take the measurements you need (and you don't have to wait ...

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