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What's the Purpose of pin 44 on IDE cables

So I was looking at the pinout for 44 pin, notebook type IDE cables, and the 44th pin is listed as /TYPE : Type (0=ATA), what use does it have?
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Artix-7 SATA implementation using LiteSATA won't initialize

I am trying to run the LiteSATA bench file provided for the Nexys Video (Artix-7 xc7a200t-sbg484-1). The board is new and does not have anything connected to it, and I am building / loading the ...
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Salvage Motor From HDD Without Screws

I’ve searched everywhere and can’t seem to find how to salvage this motor from my wd10ears HDD. It seems most other HDDs have screws to take it out, but this one doesn’t. The centre screw is just ...
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How is it possible that HDDs are mechanically so robust?

Hard disk drives (HDDs) rely on a small read-write-head which hover about 70 nm over the platter 1, 2. The physical effect on which this hovering is based seems to be the ground effect 3, so it seems ...
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Why does S.M.A.R.T work the way it does? [closed]

According to Wikipedia : S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology; often written as SMART) is a monitoring system included in computer hard disk drives (HDDs), solid-state ...
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How can I actively provoke data rot on a storage unit?

For a project, I am looking to deliberately provoke data rot on a storage unit (e.g., a hard drive or a flash drive). I understand that most modern OSes and filesystems as well as hardware have ...
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Why do magnetic disks not have multiple heads per disk?

So it seems to me that when trying to improve performance of a external memory device (HDD), the thing that is increased is RPM. Why not have multiple read/write heads per substrate instead of just ...
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Laptop HDD (100565308 Rev A) BIOS chip swap - chip won't come off?

I'm attempting to remove a BIOS chip from a Seagate Momentus 7200.4 HDD with a 100565308 Rev A chip number. I've followed videos ...
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Is it reliable to use old computer hard disk as an external hard drive to store data? [closed]

I have a hard drive which cannot boot windows but works for even at higher transfer rates also its 6 years old, I found cheap enclosure SATA to USB 3.0 enclosure that works for even 100Mbps transfer ...
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For how long will my lost external hard drive store the info in it? [closed]

2 years ago, I lost an external hard drive with private info on it. I wonder how long the info on it will last -- as I wish that people wouldnt access that info. Thanks
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What HDD‘s to look out for to source strongest voice coils? [closed]

This question is pretty niche, but maybe someone investigated this topic before me and can give advice. I want to source voice coils from HDDs (new or second hand ones). The more torque/force the ...
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What kind of material is this and what is the purpose of this?

In 500 GB or higher capacity HDD's, you can frequently find these black things (see photo below). It is made from a very weird feeling material. It is not made of plastic, it has a dull glass sound ...
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Turning on PC PSU with current or bridging PS_ON and COM/GND?

I really hope title is specific enough. What I am trying to achieve is that using a SATA Extension Cable to PS4 you can plug in a 15mm 2.5" Laptop Drive or 3.5" Desktop Drive and the issue is that ...
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Powering 64 SATA HDD from Single ATX Power Supply

I am planning to wire a 4U DIY JBOD top loader. Looking at the power output of several power supplies they have a a maximum rated 5v rail of 100-125w. By looking at the spec sheet of my chosen HDD I'...
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Do you need to perform an erase before a write with a HDD?

A simple question, the answer to which is surprisingly difficult to find. Does the internal controller in a HDD have to erase a sector on the hard drive if it already contains information, before it ...
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Make powered USB Cable for External hard-drive

We purchased a 2.5" Seagate external hard drive. For power and data transfer it has a USB 3.0 cable, like this Amazon USB Cable. It works great on the USB 3.0 ports on the PC but the Smart TV does ...
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Hard Disk Drive Storage Space [closed]

I have been wondering for sometime now why Hard Disk Drives define storage space in thousands (1000) instead of the real (1024). So, for example, 1GB = 1000MB; 1MB = 1000KB. Is there any significance ...
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Are these 12v power supplies worth using? Is additional circuitry needed to drop voltage to meet USB standards?

I have these two power bricks I want to convert one of them to power a Banana Pi and 3.5 HDD. I want to determine if either is safe and the needed circuit ...
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How to access the data stored in HDD? [closed]

I removed the HDD from my broken labtop to take the data stored in. This is the HDD: I don''t know which cable I can use to connect it with my new laptop with USB port . Could any one explain ...
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How to use L293D to spin HDD motor FAST?

Short version: I have a HDD motor I want to spin. I have the L293D chip and after hours of fiddling with code and timing, can only achieve 1200 RPM. How can I get more out of it? Long version: I have ...
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How to sense RPM from 4 pin BLDC motor?

The title says it all. I'm doing a project with a spinning HDD disk with a slot cut in it, RGB LEDs, and precise turning on and off of the colors. I'm planning to glue a magnet and use a hall ...
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Designing Or Customizing A HDD/SSD Logic Controller

I read this post which answered most of my questions, but was a bit disheartening. So, this one may need to be deleted. I have also done my other research looking through articles like this. Is it ...
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What determines the maximum rotational speed of a hard disk drive?

Through my background research I understand that the limit on the rotation of a hdd is largely the product of heat and the specs of the physical disk, but I am puzzled by the round numbers advertised ...
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Slimline SATA adapters

I've been lurking around the net for days trying to find a Slimline SATA to mSATA\microSATA adapter, the only one remotely related is the laptop optical bay HDD\SSD enclosure which I already have and ...
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USB Hub bandwidth problem [closed]

I will use a Beaglebone Black with a powered USB Hub to control a USB Microphone (PCM2912A) and a USB HDD. The task consists in recording and writing the Audio directly into the HDD... Will I have ...
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What is the biggest stable memory overhead for SSDs?

With an HDD, the largest overhead in accessing stable memory (where we measure access time from the moment the instruction passes the MEM stage in the pipeline) is the I/O costs for seeking the right ...
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What is the maximum magnetic flux density a HDD can tolerate before data is corrupted?

Does anyone have hard numbers explaining the maximum number of Teslas a hard disk drive can tolerate before data will be corrupted. This forum says "a lot", which isn't super helpful. This one ...
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How to save electronic equipment from ants? [closed]

Today I brought out my external HDD and it was full of red ants. It took me an hour to remove the ants (it seems quite impossible to remove all of them; some are still inside). I always see some ants ...
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Of the two - which is the better archival media - Standard HDD or Flash

There are two totally different "bit rot" mechanisms in place here in the two technologies, so which would be expected to last longer? Which is inherently superior for archival purposes. Will a ...
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