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ESP32 powered over long lines with 230V

Should I worry? Regarding data transmission, no worries, Ethernet is extremely robust. CAT5 has a loop resistance of about 0.2 ohm/m (this is for both wires of one pair over 1m). So for 30m you get 6 ...
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Is there a risk of damaging built in RF components having several Iridium SBD 9603N modems active close to each others?

Is having so many RF modems close to each others, all trying to transmit and send on top of each others, at risk of damaging each other? Nah. They have separate up- and downlink bands anyways, and ...
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Unexpected signal at AD620 module output when Vsupply is on

You are connecting "an antenna" to your input and, it is picking up extraneous electric fields from within your environment. At the very least (for this test to have valid results), you ...
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