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SPICE Error in LM5117 Model in Microcap-12

According to the manual page 556, Microcap does not use temperature coefficients for capacitors like it does for resistors. Removing "TC=0,0" will fix the problem
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Recreating a transformer using gyrators

Raj Senani et al. describes how a transformer can be realized with gyrators, which are in turn realized with operational transconductance amplifiers in their book "Gyrators, Inductors and ...
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HSPICE command naming weirdness

make a new file with cover up the target models as below it will solve the problems ...
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LM7805 in LTspice

Here is a simulation with a model I happen to have: There are plenty of online tutorials on importing 3rd party models. I suggest getting Александр Бордодынов's (Alex Bordodynov's) library, more ...
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