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How useful will the skills of analog circuit design be for researching in non-conventional computing? [closed]

I have interest in analog circuit design. I am planning to get into a job of analog circuit designing. However, my undergrad research topic lies in the field of non-conventional computing (...
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Looking for Low Noise High Shielding BNC [closed]

I am doing some research looking at low voltage signals, on the order of 100nV. Due to the usage of other equipment such as a current source there is spurious pickup noise in the cables carrying this ...
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Connector identification - Xbox series X

I am trying to repair an Xbox Series X after a liquid damage and I found a short in the B2B connector. I need to replace it, but after lots a research, I can't find the reference online. Here is the ...
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How to simulate GaN (Gallium Nitride) Mosfet circuits on Simulink?

I am doing a research on GaN devices and comparision of their performances in DC DC converters as compared to Si devices. The issue that I am facing is that I can't find a way to simulate them on ...
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Are there any fields in EE that overlap with Quantum informatics/computing nowadays? [closed]

As I understand it, research in quantum information and computing has traditionally been confined to physics and applied physics/math departments. It seems to me that many of the practical challenges ...
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How to compute link budget in a system with aero/space-borne integration

I am studying a system in 5G which are represented as a combination terrestrial and non-terrestrial network (including satellite segments or HAP/LAP) [5G NTN] it is a unified terrestrial aerospace ...
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Trying to Construct Phase Shift Circuit in Multisim

I'm attempting to construct the variable phase shift circuit from this video (link takes you to the circuit diagram of it) within Multisim. As far as I can tell the circuits are identical, and yet my ...
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LTspice error "could not open Library file" when trying to use TL431 model from TI

I downloaded the LTspice model of TL431 from the Texas Instruments website, but I am not able to simulate the circuit given below due to this error: "could not open Library file" https://www....
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Difference between 'high in vhdl and $high in verilog

Is there any difference between 'high in vhdl and $high in verilog??
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H2S Sensor with 1 PPB Lower Detection Limit

We're trying to create an IoT device that can detect/mesaure H2S in ambient air with a lower detection limit of 1 ppb or 0.001 ppm However, checking Digikey and other similar suppliers, I haven't ...
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What is this component attached to electric pole

I have noticed the following component attached to an electric pole, I wonder what that is.
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What is the difference between SDA protocol and I2C?

A manual for Sound Design Technology's "DSP Programmer" programming box has the following statement: Hearing aids based on the Sound Design Technologies Wolverine platform can be programmed ...
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How do I efficiently search for ICs? [closed]

I am a computer engineering student with an electronics background (i.e. mandatory circuit design and analog electronic courses) and my degree thesis requires me to design an electronics project. So ...
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Finding success probability for wireless channels

This seems a very dummy question, but I cannot figure out how the following equation has been solved by authors: $$P_{secure} = \text{Pr}\{\epsilon cP_sd_{su_i}^{-n}|h_{su_i}|^2> cP_sd_{se_i}^{-n}|...
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AI hardware architecture

I am looking for more info on AI hardware architectures, but I am a bit confused. Here are my questions: Does it all come down to MACs(Multiply And Accumulate) units? Do MACs usually integrate into ...
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Help with identifying a transfer function - with neuroscience application

This is a question for you electrical network engineers. The problem has arisen in a neuroscience study I am working on, but I hope to be able to glean some insight from other domains that deal with ...
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What is the formula for calculating out the time delay for the sum output in a ripple-carry adder circuit? [closed]

I am amidst writing up calculations for electronics research, but am unsure how to calculate the time delay for the sum output. I am needing to calculate the time-delay for the sum and carry outputs ...
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How much do people charge for EE R&D work? [closed]

My software startup is considering a project for a client that has a significant hardware component: a custom device with GSM, GPS and CAN connectivity for use inside a vehicle. We'll design the board ...
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Any research to turn Schematics as a picture into a simulation? [closed]

Suppose I have a schematics such as the below. I want to fast simulate it: see how the current flow and put my mouse to different positions to see how things work. Since there are many different ways ...
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