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Exercise on PPM modulation bit rate

A digital communication system uses N=15 identical routes. The modulation used is 2-PPM. Calculate the value of $$ \varepsilon_b/N_0 $$ on the exit from the first route so that a final error ...
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Error correction technique for 4 kB of data with 10-15% bit errors in an embedded microcontroller?

I'm working with an embedded project that uses a 4 kB buffer. Every once in a while something happens which introduces 10-15% bit errors, scattered throughout the buffer. Can someone please recommend ...
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Error probability of BPSK with intersymbol interference

Consider an AWGN channel with BPSK modulation. Assume that the information bits are i.i.d. Bernoulli with parameter 0<p<1, we have ISI due to a timing offset at the transmitter, and the decoder ...
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Data rate for an ASK modulation [closed]

A telephone line with a bandwidth of 3 kHz and an SNR of 6 dB. I am asked to calculate the maximum bitrate on this line and the error probability, knowing that ASK modulation is used. For ASK ...
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How to calculate Bit Error Rate of an electronic equipment with several parts?

I am currently studying integrity of data into electronic systems facing Single Event Effects. I am focusing on data integrity inside an electronic equipment. I've been through a lot of papers ...
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SECDED in the presence of more than two errors

Is there a way to calculate the number of errors that will be caught (or missed) by SECDED when there are more than two errors? I'm thinking of an issue such as a badly-timed data strobe, where the ...
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Do ASCII or Unicode Bit-Level Anagrams exist? [closed]

Is there such a thing as a bit-level ASCII anagram, that forms a natural language word when the bits are interpreted as ASCII from left to right, but a different natural language word when interpreted ...
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Effect on sampling time on BER

Just for some background context: A digital signal has jitter present on it. In this situation there is only random jitter (RJ), which is unbounded and normally distributed. When the digital signal ...
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computation bit error as sum(abs)

I am working on a realisation the convolutional encoder/decoder with constraint length K=7. Encoder and decoder were implemented and currently I am testing these functions My test file looks like: <...
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CAN: End-Of-Frame for detecting stuffing errors?

The end-of-frame consists of 7 recessive bits. It is often written that it is used to detect stuffing errors by a receiver. I also read that if the 7th bit is driven to dominant level, the transmitter ...
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Why does NOR flash have 0% bad blocks?

Why does NOR flash memory have 0% bad blocks and ECC is not mandatory? From my understanding, NOR flash and NAND flash are made of similar flash cells (they are only "externally" wired in ...
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Is a bit error rate close to 1 just as desirable as one that is close to 0?

Let me explain the premise. If you have a communication system, and you know with a very good confidence margin what the bit error rate is, would you be able to exploit the properties of high bit ...
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How does DPSK work? What are the advantages compared to BPSK?

I have two questions that I would appreciate some help with. Comparing BPSK and DPSK I noticed that BPSK has lower BER. Why is this? Are there other advantages of using one over the other? In what ...
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How does radiation produce transient bit errors in DRAM?

Ionizing radiation can produce transient bit errors in volatile RAM. What is the exact mechanism by which this occurs? E.g., is there a threshold energy level for a single photon or neutron to ...
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Does Carrier frequency offset (CFO) means difference of the message frequency and integrator?

Can anyone here tell me what is CFO? Initially, I thought it might be when the message signal mi, that is $$r(t) = 2P cos(2\pi fc*fi+\delta f)$$ doesn't match with integrator $$\int_0^T r(t) * cos((...
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Data errors from network device at high ambient temperature(60C)

I have a Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 based network device that I am trying to get working at high ambient temperatures (up to 60C). When I run TCP packets through the device, I get checksum errors ...
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Number of errors that can be detected with a single-bit even parity code word system?

How many errors can a transmission system which uses code words with 7 data bits and a single parity bit (Checking for Even parity) detect at the receiving end. While I am aware of the fact that any ...
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Decoding an unknown serial bitstream that does not fit 8-N-1

I am looking at an RS-485 signal using a scope and an analyzer (saleae). This is running a mystery bus (see below for more information). I would like to know how to fix my frame errors. I can't begin ...
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In Proteus 8 simulation of the PIC16F84A assembly code (.asm), any setting (BSF) or clearing (BCF) of the pins <3:0> clears pin RA4!

After a thorough investigation, it turns out that the Proteus 8 simulation of the PIC16F84A (and possibly other MCU-s in PIC16 family) has a bug when interpreting the assembly language code, which ...
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What effect does having 'measured' as a parameter in additive white gaussian noise?

I'm comparing the bit error rate of various modulation schemes with additive white gaussian noise in MATLAB. There's the option to have this noise using 'measured' which measures the power of a ...
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Need some help in bit error rate calculation for QPSK when using Gray coding

Why is Probability of Bit Error = 2 times the Probability of Symbol Error in QPSK with Gray Coding. Is it because one bit error has the potential to cause two symbol errors (2 symbols where they ...
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Bitstream autocorrelation? - comparing two bitstreams - BER?

I am sending a PN9 sequence from a sender to a receiver and want to compare the received bitstream (RB) to the sent one (SB). I am assuming that the transmission will get distorted and want to somehow ...
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how to understand the capacity in binary symetric channel (BSC)

According to the wiki about the BSC (binary symetric channel), given the bit flip rate p, the capacity is derived as : H(p) = -p*log2(p) – (1-p)log2(1-p) C = 1 - H(p). the error probability p ...
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Why bother with even parity?

I am using an SPI peripheral in my application. The peripheral returns packets containing 15 data bits, plus an Even Parity bit for error detection. Therefore all zeros, and all ones both pass the ...
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BER as a function of antenna's diameter

I hope that this community is the most suitable for this kind of question. So I have to make a graph representing dependence of BER as a function of antenna's diameter (BER(D)) I know that antenna's ...
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Neutron Single Event Upset (NSEU) how its effect is mitigated in electronics in space vehicles?

Since in the outer space the NSEU will be more common than in the earth, how the electronics in space vehicle is tacking the issue. I feel a solution will be existing for some decades but on google I ...
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